Scrub Daisy
Dishwand System
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Not your average dishwand

Scrub Daisy is a system of 7+ coordinating parts. Use them as a complete set or customize a more simplified arrangement.

Interchangeable heads

We understand not all cleaning jobs are created equal. To ensure you have the right tool for each of them, we've created a variety of uniquely shaped scrubbing heads.

The Hyacinth

Glass & Bottle Scrubber. A flexible 13" reach is made possible by sixteen rows of dual-sided petals. ArmorTec® mesh delivers an added dose of scour power and the most thorough cleaning your water bottle’s ever had. 

The Daisy

Multi-Purpose Scrubber. More than two dozen individual petals contour and compress for a perfect fit, even in irregular shaped containers.

The Sunflower

Pot & Pan Scourer. Angled at 45 degrees for optimal leverage on flat items. Power through stuck debris with the scratch-free scraper.

The Vase & Valet

Artfully designed self-draining storage. A built-in suction cup helps it stay put.

The Wand

Press the soft touch leaf to dispense a metered amount of soap while scrubbing.

*Lifetime Warranty: This is the last dishwand you will ever need to purchase. To make sure of it, Scrub Daddy honors an unconditional lifetime warranty on all non-replaceable Scrub Daisy parts. In exchange for the damaged/malfunctioning part, Scrub Daddy will issue a complimentary replacement. This DOES NOT apply to the individual cleaning heads which are replaceable and consumable. Call 844-35-SCRUB for details.*

Ultimate Dishwand, Ultimate Clean

Daisy is much more than a kitchen scrub brush, she’s an entire system made from non-toxic, scratch-free, odor and stain resisting materials! Comprised of 7+ coordinating parts, you can keep it simple or build an entire bouquet. An updated design features a cap made for better grip and seal as well as a deeper drain in the base to provide better drainage. Daisy has uniquely shaped interchangeable heads so you’re sure to have the perfect tool for every job (including baby bottles!). A soap dispensing handle, built-in scraper and flexible core are a few reasons the Scrub Daisy is unlike any dishwand you’ve ever used.