Scrub Daddy Colors
Color code your cleaning!
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FlexTexture® scrubbing tool

By adjusting the temperature of your water, you control your scrubbing power. Scrub Daddy is soft, compressible, and more absorbent in warm water. In cold water he’s firm and can remove stubborn debris without the need of added harsh chemicals.

360 degree scrubbing

His eyes hold onto you, so you’ll never run into a hard-to-reach place again. His circular shape lets you clean the sides and bottom of containers at the same time.

No need to hide this happy helper

FlexTexture® rinses clean after use so Scrub Daddy stays looking fresh. With an approximate dry time of 45 minutes, he won’t mold and remains odor-free for up to 8 weeks.

The smile serves a purpose

Yes, he’s cute but there’s another reason he’s so happy to see you. Quickly clean both sides of serving spoons and utensils in one motion.

Scratch-free zone

Scrub Daddy is lab tested safe on over a dozen different household surfaces meaning he can help you just about anywhere! Try him on fiberglass, finished wood, leather, vinyl and even car exterior paint.

Color-code your cleaning

Multiple colors make it easier to avoid accidental cross contamination.