Unique FlexTexture™

Firm in Cold Water, Soft In Warm Water

Scratch Free!

Use Me Wherever, I Don't Scratch!

Guess What? I Don't Smell!

Lab Tested to be Odor-Free

I Rinse Clean

Food Particles Don't Stick To Me


Check out some of our newest creations from the Scrub Daddy Think Tank!

Scrub Mommy

Meet Scrub Mommy, our latest innovation in dual-sided scrubbing.

Her spongy ResoFoam™ side resists stains while creating an abundance of soap suds. On her other side is our scratch-free FlexTexture™ foam. You’ll be sure to smile while you ‘scrub, flip, and wipe’ your way to clean!

Big Daddy

Big Daddy is the perfect fit for messes large or small because you decide his shape!

A serrated knife is all you need to customize this solid block of scrubbing power. Gain access to your homes nooks and crannies while never worrying about damaging your surfaces.

Sponge Daddy

A super combination of FlexTexture™ and ResoFoam™, this new sponge turns the cleaning world upside down.

One side changes texture with water temperature, the other side is a super soft suds generating machine! This combination can’t be beat!


Scrub Daddy is a new staple in my classroom.

I have two large whiteboards in my classroom with dry erase markers. If you leave any marks on a dry erase board for an extended period of time, it becomes very difficult to remove. I have even noticed that some of my markers do not erase as easily as others. Overtime, the board starts to build up with smeared marks and it becomes gray instead of white. In the past I would have had to ask a custodian to take care of the problem with some glass cleaner, but I have found that Scrub Daddy brings my boards back to white much easier. I scrub the marks away and then go over the board with a dry towel to pick up the drips. I no longer need to trouble the custodian who has more important things to do. And since it doesn’t require using any chemical cleaners, I can ask a student to do it for me.

I was having a hard time removing the bugs that get smashed on the side mirrors and the front of my 2014 Escape. I purchased a scrub daddy after seeing it on QVC to help remove them and it worked awesome, no scratching the paint at all and it removed all the residue from the bugs from my Escape.
I highly recommend this to any one who details cars for a living or just a person trying to clean up their cars.
Jeff H
“Scrub Daddy” I love this product!!!
I have a Weber Bar B Q grill that looks like it was ready to be replaced. I decided to put Scrub Daddy to work on the grill. Darn, if it didn’t make it look brand new and best of all no scratches. Scrub Daddy holds an important place in my home. I will continue to experiment and find more applications for this amazing product
Karl D
I have had my Scrub Daddy for a little over a week now and I have fallen in love! I met Scrub Daddy at a training session on QVC and initially could not feel too much excitement over a sponge. However, I have felt myself reaching for it constantly instead of my two sided sponge. It gets off everything and it never seems to stay dirty unlike my sponge. Also the fact that it smiles at you while it is doing it’s job definitely adds to the enjoyment of using it!! Thanks Scrub Daddy
Judy R
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