I have been using the Scrub Daddy Sponge since the spring/summer of 2013 and I absolutely love this sponge. In fact, I love it so much that I have been buying lots of them and giving them to friends as gifts. I also bought about 20 of them and gave them to my doctor, her associates, and the staff. A month or so later when I went back to the doctor they told me how much they loved using the sponges too.

Many of us know how wonderful this sponge is, it works great for many purposes. What I want to share is that not only is their product great, but so is their customer service. I sent a question to the Scrub Daddy website regarding their product, and within about 15 minutes I received a personal reply. I was really surprised and extremely impressed. So many times when a question is sent to a corporate website rarely is there a reply, and if there is one it takes several days to a week or more for a response. Because of the outstanding product and their exceptional customer service, I will continue to purchase and use this sponge.

Carol L

I was having a hard time removing the bugs that get smashed on the side mirrors and the front of my 2014 Escape. I purchased a scrub daddy after seeing it on QVC to help remove them and it worked awesome, no scratching the paint at all and it removed all the residue from the bugs from my Escape.
I highly recommend this to any one who details cars for a living or just a person trying to clean up their cars.

Jeff H

Scrub Daddy is a new staple in my classroom.

I have two large whiteboards in my classroom with dry erase markers. If you leave any marks on a dry erase board for an extended period of time, it becomes very difficult to remove. I have even noticed that some of my markers do not erase as easily as others. Overtime, the board starts to build up with smeared marks and it becomes gray instead of white. In the past I would have had to ask a custodian to take care of the problem with some glass cleaner, but I have found that Scrub Daddy brings my boards back to white much easier. I scrub the marks away and then go over the board with a dry towel to pick up the drips. I no longer need to trouble the custodian who has more important things to do. And since it doesn't require using any chemical cleaners, I can ask a student to do it for me.


"Scrub Daddy" I love this product!!!
I have a Weber Bar B Q grill that looks like it was ready to be replaced. I decided to put Scrub Daddy to work on the grill. Darn, if it didn't make it look brand new and best of all no scratches. Scrub Daddy holds an important place in my home. I will continue to experiment and find more applications for this amazing product

Karl D

I could not resist writing to tell you about this useful product. When I received this sponge from my daughter I thought it to be so cute, but I did not realize at the time how wonderful it is. Recently I chose to take wallpaper off my bathroom and I had to clean all the glue off the walls. This sponge came in extra handy. I use it for everything. I clean my stove, my dishes and anything that has to be cleaned. I was so excited about using the scrub daddy. My experience does not stop here. After I cleaned my bathroom It thought I lost my best friend. I looked all over the house and could not find my scrub daddy. I drove my husband crazy. As I was about to do my laundry I found my scrub daddy wrapped up in one of my towels. I was relieved that I found it. I look forward to purchasing more of this product. Thank you for a wonderful product. I am telling all my friends about scrub daddy.


I got one from my neighbor....loveeeee it! Now I need new ones...for myself and for my daughter who will be moving into her college apartment this summer!! So great that the girls won't need to worry about the awful sponge smell!!!

Carol C

This item has become a necessity in my home. Used it last night after seeing tomato soup boil over on to my glass top stove. Worried for only a moment until the heat died down, and SCRUB DADDY went to work. Within minutes, all was perfect again. Just ordered again through QVC. Loved these sponges when cleaning my white wooden kitchen cabinets of fingerprints, and have given them as gifts to my friends who have thanked me continuously.

Such a pleasant sunny face to keep around the house, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room etc. He makes me smile too.

Barbara M

This is a great sponge for barn work also and cleaning spots off of white horses! Brilliant!

Charlotte R

I never could get my Pyrex clean after cooking a good old fashioned "Sunday" dinner! Well.., I found my true ♥ I love you Scrub Daddy ;-)

Paula M

Made 4 batches of Rice Krispy treats this week- loving my Scrub Daddy!

Melissa M

a friend of mine gave me a scrub daddy. my wife and i both love it. thanks

Michael S.

I have had my Scrub Daddy for a little over a week now and I have fallen in love! I met Scrub Daddy at a training session on QVC and initially could not feel too much excitement over a sponge. However, I have felt myself reaching for it constantly instead of my two sided sponge. It gets off everything and it never seems to stay dirty unlike my sponge. Also the fact that it smiles at you while it is doing it's job definitely adds to the enjoyment of using it!! Thanks Scrub Daddy...Judy (Rosie's Bakery)

Judy R.

I have to replace my original Scrub Daddy. It
lasted for months and months! Anyway, my dog Maggie needs a new one for her bath time!

Maria L.

Our family loves the scrub daddy. I bought 20 to give out and now I am getting ready to order some more for myself.

Annie T.

Re-ordering! Have found many uses for the Scrub Daddy! Just used it with cold water to get a masking tape mark off a new shirt.

Jocelyn J.

I LOVE this product! Seriously!

Finally something that is gentle enough to use on my pots and does not keep any of the food particles stuck to it!!

"You may call it Scrub Daddy but I call it my Happy Girl sponge..because I am a happy girl when using it. This sponge is a game changer in the sponge world. I always had to soak my pans for a day or two until I could finally scrub off the food, and then I would have to soak the sponge for two days to try to get the food particles off of it. Those days are gone. Happy Days are here again! Thanks so much..Happy Mom"

Linda L.

2nd time ordering 6 scrub daddy sponges - LOVE this product and sharing it with others! THANK YOU!

Juliet Z.

I was given this by a friend of the inventor to try. I absolutely love this happy little scrubbing tool!! I would recommend it to everyone!

Cindi H.

We do lots of baking all year 'round. Scrub Daddy is our preferred scrubbing product!!!

Tastey Treats

I find myself using this more than the sponge....food sticks to a sponge and not to the scrub daddy....love it.....

Lynda D.

Just bought 6 more to give to family and friends. This product REALLY works. It's better than anything out there.

Ronald P.

I love that it doesn't get all caked with food. A quick rinse and its completely clean!

Jane P.

Bought one today at the Food & Wine festival...just used it...and so far so good! Will keep you posted!

Carol L.

Bought a couple of these at the wine and food festival in Philadelphia. They are fantastic. I used one in the kitchen and it has cleaned the top of my glass stove to like new condition. Now to order some more gifts. They really are so versatile, not to mention cute to look at :-}

Vivienne J.

If cleaning and scrubbing tires your arms, hands and any of your upper body well guess what - SCRUB DADDY is right for you. I am a lupus patient who has trouble cleaning due to troubles and extreme pain in my upper body. Scrub Daddy makes cleaning a breeze for me - no pain! I have been cleaning all kinds of things with Scrub Daddy.

Shelly N.

Love it!!! Use it all the time!!!

Caryn B.

My glass stove top is miraculously clean, as are corners in my refrigerator, plastic serving spoons, counters and of course my pots. What an incredible product. Still wish I could read the history of how this got developed.

Gloria A.

love it all your products are so innovative!!

James C.

I had TREE SAP on my hands - but Scrub Daddy washed it off with EASE! Scrub Daddy is AMAZING!

Shelly N.

Scrub Daddy is a gentleman. He just scrubbed my feet in the shower and it felt so good and removed yucky dead skin. After the shower he cleaned my bathroom sink and faucet to a shine with limited help from me and he did not even have any cleaner on him. Wow it sure is nice to have Scrub Daddy handy!

Shelly N.

Wow. Scrub Daddy is the first product I used that easily cleans my lipstick off drinking glasses so others will want to drink out of those glasses. Yippee. Also, even though that lipstick has been on those glasses for a long long long time the lipstick washed off Scrub Daddy with ease.

Shelly N.

Scrub Daddy is amazing, it is soft in warm water for dishes and if you need it to be stronger, run it under cold water and it is harder for those caked on messes. You can use it on any surface, it will not scratch. AMAZING!!!!!!!

Roberta T.

We LOVE Scrub Daddy. We argue about where it belongs because it is not just for the kitchen (try scrubbing dirt/paint from a child)! It is fantastic!

Missy K.

LOVE Scrub Daddy!! Best cleaning/sponge product I have ever used...would never use anything else again:)

Judith G.

Yet another wonderfully inventive product! Congrats!

Renae B.

...In fact I have put it in the dishwasher to clean it, as well as the microwave to keep the bacteria off. It is still going strong. I love both aspects of it: Hard and soft.

Erin W - Bentonville, AR

I picked up 2 of these at the PA Wine & Food Festival in King of Prussia. I love them! I have arthritis and the smiley face makes it much easier for me to grip and use! Thanks Scrub Daddy:-)

Felice L - Havertown, PA

I had to clean my oven racks..used the yellow smiley thingy..zip-zip..done..! took all of the stuff off...I leave it in the kitchen sink..it's neat to come downstairs in the morning and see a yellow smiley face looking up at you.

Richard M

Used a Scrub Daddy today to help my 13yo son get adhesive sticker remnants off an old skateboard so he could refurbish it. Worked like whoa, and made a believer out of him! Thanks for a great product!

Jocelyn J - Philadelphia, PA

I love to clean. What I love even more is products that help me do that efficiently so I do not waste precious time. How I discovered this product was by watching the investors show (my favorite show by the way, because I love business) Shark Tank. The creator of Scrub Daddy was on Shark Tank and the inventor investor (my fav) Lori Geriner invested in this fabulous product. I was so taken back by what this could do, I wrote Scrub Daddy and agreed to do a review to see if it was true. They sent me 2 Scrub Daddys to use. This review is my own honest feed back and I was not paid by Scrub Daddy…

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