Invention Disclosure Form

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We celebrate your ambition and appreciate your interest in sharing your invention with us. The following form is in place to protect your rights, as well as your idea. In hopes of avoiding future misunderstandings, we ask that you please review the following disclosure. Thank you!

Scrub Daddy, Inc. will evaluate your idea with or without patent, but only under the following conditions:

  1. In consideration for Scrub Daddy, Inc. evaluating your idea, you agree that Scrub Daddy, Inc. is released from any and all obligations to you in connection with the manufacture, sale, or use of your idea or any portion thereof except such obligations as may result under valid, unexpired patents which may have been granted or may be granted in the future.
  2. Scrub Daddy, Inc. as used herein includes subsidiaries, divisions, dealers, officers, employees, agents, and servants of Scrub Daddy, Inc.
  3. All submissions or disclosures of ideas are voluntary on the part of the submitter. No obligations or confidential relationships, either expressed or implied, are assumed by Scrub Daddy, Inc. with respect to any idea submitted. In order to evaluate your idea, Scrub Daddy, Inc. may have to disclose the idea to persons outside Scrub Daddy, Inc. Consequently, Scrub Daddy, Inc. is under no obligation to maintain the idea in secret or confidence.
  4. Copies of all ideas submitted to Scrub Daddy, Inc. may be kept by Scrub Daddy, Inc. to prevent future misunderstandings regarding the scope of the submission. Any lawsuit or other action based on use by Scrub Daddy, Inc. of an idea not the subject of an issued U.S. patent submitted by you under this program must be filed no later than four (4) years after you disclose said idea to Scrub Daddy, Inc.
  5. Scrub Daddy, Inc. does not have any obligation to reveal any information concerning its evaluation of your idea or concerning present, or future activities in any field.
  6. Ideas will be considered with the understanding that the use, if any, by Scrub Daddy, Inc. of such ideas is within the sole discretion of Scrub Daddy, Inc.
  7. Unless and until you obtain the rights described under Condition No. 8 below, should your unpatented idea be utilized, compensation to be paid by Scrub Daddy, Inc. shall be a sample of the product incorporating your idea. Scrub Daddy, Inc.’s obligation shall not apply to products having a suggested retail price exceeding $29.00.
  8. Patented ideas and ideas covered by pending applications for patent will be considered only with the understanding that the submitter agrees to rely for his protection solely on such rights as he may have under the laws, including but not limited to patent and industrial design laws, of the United States and/or of any foreign country. If submitter owns a patent covering Scrub Daddy, Inc.’s use of your idea, then an agreement, such as a royalty-bearing license, a purchase of the patent or the like, can be negotiated.
  9. All Scrub Daddy, Inc. employees are subject to and entitled to the terms and foregoing conditions.
  10. The preceding terms and conditions may not be modified or waived.

If the conditions of the letter are acceptable to you, please sign and date below. By submitting your electronic signature, you represent that you have the power to enter into this agreement and to disclose the idea to Scrub Daddy, Inc.

Forms not completed in their entirety will not be reviewed.