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1988 - The Road Ahead In 1988, Aaron Krause pursued a degree in psychology from Syracuse University. Despite his major, Aaron’s true passion was to invent. Outside of class, he spent his time tinkering in the garage or making extra money by washing cars with friends.
1992 - First Business Venture Aaron graduated Syracuse University 1992. Much to his parents’ dismay, Aaron decided to turn his college side job into a full time career. His first business was created later that year under the name Dedication to Detail, Inc. The company specialized in polishing cars using buffing pads.
The Epiphany One day when polishing a car, Aaron accidentally damaged the paint. This led to an innovative idea which consisted of reshaping the buffing pad. Over the next year, he designed, patented, and brought to market a new line of foam buffing pads named The Edge.
A New Path Krause decided to sell his car washing and detailing business in 1994, while keeping the name Dedication to Detail, Inc. The young company evolved from a car detailing business to distributing buffing pads to detail companies and body shops around the globe.
The Edge Era From 1995 to 2006, the company concentrated on growing The Edge’s product line. It soon became an industry leader in the automotive aftermarket. During this time, Aaron received numerous patents for new products and processes. This included both buffing pads and automotive accessories for buffing pads.
2006 - Scrub Daddy is Born In 2006; Aaron was busy running the factory of Dedication to Detail, Inc., as well as the company’s main office. He fought an everyday battle of tending to paperwork with dirty hands from repairing and building machinery. Over time Krause developed a strong dislike for the feeling of grit that was imbedded in virtually every shop cleanser available. Aaron then embarked on a mission to create a new polymer material to comfortably scrub his hands.
The Scrubber Reshaped Aaron helped discover, and develop this new material so that it could be redesigned into an ergonomic shape. He began marketing the round sponge to others in the industry, such as body shops and mechanics. There was only one problem; his clientele didn’t mind the dirty hands they had grown accustomed to, nor did they want to pay four dollars for a sponge. Disappointed, Aaron retired the foam to a warehouse where it would stay in a box labeled “scrap” for the next five years.
Acquisition of Dedication to Detail, Inc. By 2008, multinational conglomerate and Fortune 50 company 3M had its eye on Dedication to Detail, Inc. They ended up acquiring the company from Aaron in August that year. The young inventor; however, kept the space age foam for himself in hopes of one day finding its true purpose.
Re-birth of Scrub Daddy It wasn’t until 2011 that Scrub Daddy’s calling was unintentionally discovered. Realizing its temperature changing properties were ideal for dishwashing, the hand sponge took the form of a household scrubbing tool. A smiling mouth was added for cleaning utensils and a patent for the new design was applied for. Thus began the reincarnation of the smiling yellow scrubber we all know, and love.
Formation of Scrub Daddy, Inc. Scrub Daddy, Inc. was officially formed as a Pennsylvania Sub Chapter S in 2012. Grass roots marketing ultimately led to an article that featured the new product in the Philadelphia Inquirer. That article then caught the attention of an independent broker, who in turn secured Scrub Daddy an appearance on QVC.
Shark Tank Appearance Gaining experience and confidence from now several on-air QVC segments, Aaron applied to the popular TV show Shark Tank. Scrub Daddy premiered on the season four, episode seven, Shark Tank airing on October 25, 2012. His product and vision caught the attention of celebrity shark, and prolific inventor Lori Greiner, who successfully secured the winning deal. Scrub Daddy became an instant hit, sparking an immediate flood of sales.
Corporate Relocation & Expansion Scrub Daddy, Inc. opened the doors to its Folcroft, Pennsylvania world headquarters and packaging warehouse in 2014. Here, the teams focus is on growing the brand geographically and expanding their product lines. The company's continued success has developed profitable partnerships with leading retailers such as QVC, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Kroger, ShopRite, Buy Buy Baby, and Meijer … to name a few.
May 2014 - Most Successful Product on Shark Tank On the "Swimming with Sharks" TV special, Shark Tank names Scrub Daddy as its most successful product of all time.